The digital system for Out-of-Hours Services and Information Centres

Modern Care Continuity services require software applications that not only provide patients support, but also give control of home care visits and exchange information with external healthcare facilities, including 112/911 Response Centres. CareOnLine is the ideal platform to achieve the goal in a professional and flexible way.


CareOnLine is the digital answer to the organisational challenges of Out-of-Hours Services and to the work load of modern Healthcare Centres. Within a single platform all you need to provide information, online support for non-urgent assistance and to coordinate on-site interventions.
This is an innovative software application flexible to any organisational model, from small structures to 116117 comm. centres, designed for the healthcare world in transformation.


Information to citizens

Both in the case of telephone contact as well as in use at local centres, with CareOnLine you can quickly find information on health services and on national, regional or local authority procedures. From social-health issues to prevention campaigns, all you need is rapidly available through the full compatibility with existing health and hospital systems.

Health Telephone line

Thanks to automatic caller identification and acquisition of any available medical information, CareOnLine is an efficient decision support tool for Care Continuity services. Bi-directional integration and synergy with certified interview protocols make it strategic for the decongestion of Emergency services.

Home Care / Follow-up assessments

CareOnLine is the perfect solution for operations centres and Health Lines that must organise care continuity visits. In addition to proximity features of facilities and services with respect to the location of the caller immediately visible, the mapping module and the management tools inherited from the experience in the Emergency sector ensures a full professional control of the running services and fleet management tasks.

Real-time mobile integrated apps

The platform includes on-board software and devices designed for doctors and operators working in the field. The devices are equipped with assisted professional navigation modules for optimisation of travel and with unique tools that ensures mission data to be retrieved by the mobile workforce, including digital task management forms to be filled and exchanged in real-time.